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Why Did I Start Writing?

May 2, 2017

Since I was able to grab a pen within my two baby hands, I started drawing. The pen became my best friend that I never had among people. It and I had so much in common; bravery, courage, and fearlessness. We both colored outside the lines, mixed colors that "don't go together", and we created a new world for our own.


When I was a child, pictures were my language, and they were the only way I could communicate with the outer world, since I did not have a huge vocabulary in my cute little brain. After the marvelous number of adventurous stories read to me by my mother every night before going to bed, I flew among the story lines, and realized that there were other ways of expressing ourselves other than drawing, and colors.


I started writing my diaries, my thoughts, my stories, and poetry, yet I never shared what I wrote with anyone. I was so protective of my pieces, since I considered them to be part of who I was. Sharing my writings with others meant sharing myself with them. Writing was an intimate activity that I was not willing to share, and so I stopped writing!


My passion for art kept me going to explore more, and that was when I started practicing photography. I realized that we, as free beings, have multiple platforms that we are able to express ourselves through, and to each of us what they please. After exploring drawing, writing, and photography, I found that each of them had its unique place, its importance, its own set of emotions to express, and that we were all artists that might have not found our platform yet.


My move to the U.S was a transition point. It was a starting point for searching for my real self, a real intent, and a real drive. I drew, and took pictures, then. I thought that I would never go back to writing again, until I attended a talk by a local writer, Hasan Hamadah, who said, "Don't wait to be a great writer to write. Write to be a great writer."


That night, I felt fire raging between my hands, and I started writing again! For a moment, I was freed from the fear I was trapped in stopping me from writing. For a moment, I was not afraid of the amount of people reading and sharing my writings, my thoughts, me. It was not until I started writing again that I realized how much I was carrying within, not using this precious platform like I should have. That night, My book, For You are a Galaxy, was born.


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