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Who Am I Writing to?

May 8, 2017


The year is 2015, when an English language professor told me,"to be a successful writer, you should decide your audience first, before writing," And so when I starting writing For You are a Galaxy, I decided my audience: my family, my friends, and my neighbors; yet that did not work. I found myself hesitating expressing myself often, my pen was not brave, nor honest.. it was definitely not my childhood pen which used to bravely color off lines with so much confidence, but a pen filled with fear, and guilt. 


I needed to have a judge-free zone where I can write openly, where my words won't hurt, and my thoughts won't be shushed. I had so many questions, and I was so curious about the simplest things in life. I decided my audience to be a set of individuals who cared enough to hear me, and unique to not judge. And so I wrote to dead people, who impacted my life greatly, and made me who I am.

My grandma, Saada: The only family member I wrote to. The person who whenever I express my longing to see her face, the answer comes: "Look at the mirror!" Two month old I was when she passed, two months were enough to raise my curiosity to know her, her life, her struggles, and her love to us.


Frida Kahlo: The female artist that I relate to the most. The woman who is true to herself, to her beauty, sexuality, and art. I was twelve years old when I first saw her, and read her story. When I saw her, I realized that I was not alone, and I learned to wear my natural being in full pride.


Nizar Qabbani: The human I am in love with. The poet, the diplomat, the activist, and the humanitarian. When I spoke to Nizar, it felt like speaking to myself.


Michael Jackson: The artist who had so much awareness, that he had to die for. I wrote to Michael the human, the friend. I needed to see his true self, his presence behind the curtains, behind the scenes, behind the press, behind the propaganda.


Eve: Our mother who never got Adam from heaven. The women who was surrounded by so much misconceptions throughout history. She was the only person to ask about heaven, that she might never have been to.


God: I wrote to the god that I knew when I was a child, and to the dream I first met him in.

Now that I wrote the letters, it is time to share it with my audience: my family, my friends, and my neighbors.












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