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Why I Write in Arabic?

May 10, 2017

The year is 2013, when I moved to the US. I was only 18 when I became part of the melting pot the US is. I found myself wanting to try everything new and different; therefore, most of the friends I made were from all around the world, where English was the only language we could communicate with. Those friendships showed me a totally different dimension of the world, and changed my way of viewing life. When I moved to the U.S, I lived the unity and harmony that is sung about. I learned from my friends about their cultures, lands, values, and families. For a moment, I realized how similar we were, yet how beautifully different at the same time.


At eighteen, I started becoming the independent person I am. I chose to make this experience extraordinary, and so I started volunteering, participating in college events, community events, and got my first job. I was introduced to people that do not look like me, and do not speak like my friends used to. I started challenging myself, and taking responsibility of my health, knowledge, and awareness. I was surrounded by non-Arabic speakers, (and my accent was still difficult to understand to those who spoke Arabic,) so I found myself speaking English all the time, feeling so comfortable expressing myself in it, except the time I am speaking to my family through the web.


I wrote in Arabic so my parents would be able to read every single word, and understand it; knowing that nothing would fill my heart with joy like that.


I wrote in Arabic because For You are a Galaxy is my first book, my footprint, and I wanted it to be in the language that is closest to my heart.


I wrote in Arabic to fill the gap that was created after I moved to the U.S. The gap that keeps taking me back to eighteen every time I visit back. Talking about what I have been though was difficult to express in Arabic, and viewing me for who I am was difficult for people to see, too. In most eyes, I was not who I know I am. Most of my conversations would start with asking about how was I doing, followed by what was my major, and simply, it ends there. yet, I am "still fine, and my major is still health sciences-Environmental Safety"

I always wanted to get into real discussions, and answer questions that may have more that one-word-answer. Discussions that seems like me now, and not the 18 year old girl I was. Therefore, I wrote in Arabic.













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